Resources IT Risk Management Master Class Toolkit

IT Risk Management Master Class Toolkit

Amidst heightened uncertainty, technology and security leaders are increasingly embracing scientific models. Join the IT Risk Management Master Class to reduce exposure, validate decisions, and demonstrate returns on investments.

The Diligent IT Risk Management Master Class Toolkit provides actionable guidance that modern technology and security professionals can use to develop an effective risk management program.

The tools presented here will help you leverage decision science and formalise a risk model so you can reduce the challenges of unmeasured uncertainty.

Download the full kit to get started today and contact us to book a demo.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organizations

Modern Governance

Leading starts with good board governance and board management. Digitize board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Modern Risk

Identify, assess & remediate risk in a single, platform by using Diligent’s risk management tool. Apply a unified risk methodology based in best practices to deliver executive visibility and alignment across your organisation.

Modern Audit

Use automated workflows to derive value from audits & reduce manual tasks to manage the entire audit lifecycle. Our audit management solution uniquely connects to any data source and scales to your needs, providing the support your business requires as it grows.

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs. Protect your brand and business with compliance at every level of the organisation.