Transform how your leaders and your board work together

Create a secure, productive culture of collaboration between leadership and the board with the #1 board portal software.

Collaborate on documents, communicate across teams, and store files in a secure cloud-based environment that integrates with meeting technology tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
Share and edit documents on the go, highlight urgent issues, and make critical decisions – all with the confidence that your company’s sensitive information is protected.
Assemble and maintain a high-functioning leadership team. Analyse performance, identify gaps in expertise and find the talent you need to execute strategic objectives.
Leverage detailed data on peer and industry metrics to make sure your strategic initiatives withstand stakeholder scrutiny. Give your board instant access to key insights.


Drive director adoption

Board members prefer Diligent’s board portal user experience, and this enthusiasm makes board and committee meetings more focused, efficient and productive.

A screenshot of Diligent board portal software highlighting user-friendly features preferred by board members.
Diligent internal controls monitoring software screenshot


Stay agile and secure

Securely share critical information with board members and authorised external parties. Review and edit documents safely from any device.


Establish a reputation for board excellence

Identify and onboard top talent with connections to your organisation. Keep performance levels high with peer benchmarking, secure evaluations and analysis.

ACL Analytics software screenshot



Painless Director & Officer questionnaires, board evaluations and assessments

Diligent enables easy collection and analysis of survey and questionnaire data, like D&O, related party, Section 16, conflicts of interest, board evaluations, skills assessments and meeting planning details – all within Diligent’s secure platform. Time-saving features like pre-filling responses from prior years and templates enable efficient, accurate and timely disclosures.

Turn Governance Best Practices Into Standard Operating Procedure

See how choosing Diligent means choosing a partner in governance.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organisations

Modern Governance

Leading starts with good board governance and board management. Digitise board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Modern Risk

Identify, assess & remediate risk in a single, platform by using Diligent’s risk management tool. Apply a unified risk methodology based in best practices to deliver executive visibility and alignment across your organisation.

Modern Audit

Use automated workflows to derive value from audits & reduce manual tasks to manage the entire audit lifecycle. Our audit management solution uniquely connects to any data source and scales to your needs, providing the support your business requires as it grows.

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs. Protect your brand and business with compliance at every level of the organisation.