Deliver enjoyable compliance & ethics training

Powerful content based on behaviour-change science, helping you grab your employees’ attention. Empower employees to make the choices and take the actions that reflect your company’s values with this library of microlearning tools, templates and videos.

World’s largest compliance microlearning library. 4000+ tools including illustrations, cartoons, brochures, case studies, modules, templates, presentations and videos available in 60+ languages.
We combine expert content with behaviour-change science to help you make a powerful connection with your audience, impacting their thoughts, feelings and actions.
Drive deeper retention rates with our colourful and entertaining library of microlearning content, formulated based on psychological behaviour-change and attention-span research.
Build an effective and engaging global compliance training program with resources in 60+ languages plus additional translation capabilities in 100+ languages.

Kids on compliance videos

Offer serious compliance topics in a thoroughly disarming mode. These videos are best used as introductions to a more serious topic to trigger engagement.

Computer screen displaying kids on compliance videos for engaging training
Illustrated whiteboard scene showcasing microlearning code training and printable storyboards.


Customisable code of conduct module

Deliver your required annual code training in our signature microlearning whiteboard format. Storyboards in printable form are also available to supplement the training.


Diversity, equity & inclusion

Give your audience the tools they need to make the best decisions. Deliver interactive videos on common DEI topics such as Diversity & Social Justice, Talent Pipeline, Gender Identity and Unconcious Bias.

Illustrated scene featuring interactive DEI video tools for informed decision-making.