Efficiently assess, monitor and mitigate

third-party risk

Manage every component of your third-party relationships–from onboarding and performance monitoring to remediation and ongoing review. Ensure compliance at all times.

Maintain a centralised data library of all your vendors for integrated risk management.
Improve compliance with an emphasis on accountability. Reduce vendor processing and cycle time by automating and centralising risk assessments for both new and existing vendors.
Provide your C-suite and board with configurable reporting that empowers them to make risk-informed, data-driven decisions.


Single source of truth

Centralise essential third-party data, including connectors for third party risk scores and independent security ratings like audit findings, real-time financials and SLAs. Automate cross-department data collaboration and use advanced metrics to monitor risk.

Screenshot showcasing Diligent's software: Centralize third-party data effortlessly, including risk scores, security ratings, financials, and SLAs. Automate cross-department collaboration and monitor risk with advanced metrics.
Screenshot showcasing Diligent's software: Simplify vendor comparison with a risk matrix, prioritize remediation, and generate custom reports for better insights. Reduce the risk of security breaches.


360° view of risk

Compare vendors using a simple risk matrix. Prioritise remediation in key areas and provide better insights with custom reports. Reduce the risk of costly security breaches.


Streamline new vendor relationships

Send vendor assessment surveys via a centralised node of storage and analysis. Manage contracts with a flexible workflow and sign off process. Mitigate risk by choosing the right partners.

Screenshot of Diligent's software: Streamline vendor assessment surveys with centralized storage and analysis. Manage contracts efficiently with flexible workflows and sign-off processes. Make informed decisions to mitigate risk by selecting the right partners.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organisations

Modern Governance

Leading starts with good board governance and board management. Digitise board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Modern Risk

Identify, assess & remediate risk in a single, platform by using Diligent’s risk management tool. Apply a unified risk methodology based in best practices to deliver executive visibility and alignment across your organisation.

Modern Audit

Use automated workflows to derive value from audits & reduce manual tasks to manage the entire audit lifecycle. Our audit management solution uniquely connects to any data source and scales to your needs, providing the support your business requires as it grows.

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs. Protect your brand and business with compliance at every level of the organisation.