Data-driven audit management software for government and education

Empowering government and education audit professionals to promote long-term economic sustainability, and ensure service continuity with optimized assurance, oversight, and risk management.

Automate workflows and integrate analytics to simplify the audit lifecycle. Examine organization-wide data sets with information on financial transactions, HR, operational and IT data to identify patterns and anomalies in real-time.
Whether it’s FERPA or the latest on Uniform Grant Guidance, we make it easy to simplify, and automate your compliance activities to keep your regulators satisfied.
Automate monitoring of procurement, payroll, purchase/fuel cards, and other areas for fraud, waste, and abuse. Assess any red flags in real-time.
Maximize your audit team collaboration with our modern workpapers solution that seamlessly integrates analytics, adding value and ensuring compliance with Government Auditing Standards.


Ensure compliance

Maintain an audit history and gain real-time visibility across all audits to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.

Screenshot displaying software capabilities: Maintain audit history and gain real-time visibility across audits for regulatory compliance and effective communication.
Image showcasing program capabilities: Aggregate, clean, and normalize data with Diligent ACL Analytics. Run analysis, provide results, and generate visual reports - all in one place.


Leverage advanced audit analytics

Manage the full breadth of your risks and controls in one place. Generate effective, compelling reports with customizable control narratives and attribute testing.


Add value for government organizations

Provide detailed insights into your audit progress and findings with ready-to-use and customizable dashboards, enabling stakeholders to make critical decisions based on accurate data.

Image displaying program capabilities: Gain detailed insights into audit progress and findings with customizable dashboards. Enable stakeholders to make critical decisions based on accurate data.

Modern Solutions for Modern Organizations

Modern Governance

Leading starts with good board governance and board management. Digitise board materials, secure sensitive data, easily manage entities and design strategic compensation plans.

Modern Risk

Identify, assess & remediate risk in a single, platform by using Diligent’s risk management tool. Apply a unified risk methodology based in best practices to deliver executive visibility and alignment across your organisation.

Modern Audit

Use automated workflows to derive value from audits & reduce manual tasks to manage the entire audit lifecycle. Our audit management solution uniquely connects to any data source and scales to your needs, providing the support your business requires as it grows.

Modern Compliance

Create a culture of ethics, ensure regulatory compliance and get real-time oversight into compliance programs. Protect your brand and business with compliance at every level of the organisation.