Data-driven audit management software for government

Maximise audits and team collaboration with our modern workpapers solution – seamlessly integrate analytics and streamline processes to ensure compliance with Government Auditing standards.

Optimise audits by using analytics to examine organisation-wide data sets. Improve collaboration while complying with Government Auditing Standards.
Meet the demands of internal controls for government agencies through automated control monitoring, mapping your assurance back to your risk profile and program objectives.
Detect fraud, mitigate risks, and provide necessary oversight for grants and entitlement programs to comply with grant guidelines.
Gain visibility into operating expenses and easily monitor procurement, payroll, purchase cards, spend risk, and more. Use analytics to manage your financial processes, planning and reporting.
Screenshot displaying software capabilities: Maintain audit history and gain real-time visibility across audits for regulatory compliance and effective communication.


Ensure compliance

Maintain an audit history and gain real-time visibility across all audits to ensure regulatory compliance and communicate more effectively.


Leverage advanced audit analytics

Aggregate, clean and normalise your data using Diligent ACL Analytics. Run the analysis, provide the results and generate visual reports – all in one place.

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Screenshot of modern audit software for government entities that can automate audit processes and internal controls management
Screenshot showcasing software capabilities: Quickly and easily provide curated risk insights to senior leadership, aligning audit activities with agency objectives.


Easy and transparent reporting for federal agencies

Quickly and easily provide a curated picture of risk to Sr. leadership that promotes alignment between audit activities and agency objectives.

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