Internal Multi-Control Management

Efficient internal controls management improves and engages the three lines of defense across your organization by centralizing and automating control testing and workflows.

  • Pull data from key business applications into a single source of truth
  • Quickly identify and remediate issues with automated workflows that engage all process owners
  • Keep executives informed by tracking and reporting all deficiencies within a single platform

See how Internal Controls Management from Diligent can help you deliver a new level of assurance.

Enhance Productivity While Reducing Costs


Provide efficient internal audit solutions. Automate control testing so your team can get more done in less time — and at less cost.


  • Streamline control testing by pulling in data from applications like Concur, SAP and Salesforce
  • Keep an eye on your controls with a dashboard view into control status
  • Engage process owners and the first line of defense with automated workflows for testing controls

Increase Efficiency With a Centralized Risk & Control Library


Drive organization-wide efficiency by centralizing your risk and internal control resources with efficient management, ensuring that all process owners work from a single source of truth.


  • Create a thorough risk and control library by importing data from other sources or using built-in frameworks
  • Reduce the risk of error and eliminate duplicated efforts
  • Easily keep risks and controls up-to-date by cascading changes to all applicable internal controls

Elevate Executive Visibility & Assurance


Identify issues as they arise with real-time reports that enable rapid remediation.


  • Bring attention to the items that matter most with reports organized by entity, process, control status or issue
  • Quickly zero in on the status of your internal controls with a real-time assurance report card
  • Get ahead of risks by tracking, remediating and reporting on deficiencies within a centralized platform

Boost Productivity With Centralized Internal Controls Management

Provide a new level of assurance in less time by centralizing, automating and simplifying control testing and workflows. See Diligent in action.

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