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BoardEffect Features 2023

BoardEffect features 2023. The BoardEffect team is dedicated to making the board meeting preparation process as easy and stress-free as possible for board administrators, members, directors and staff of mission-driven organisations.

We are thrilled to announce two new features as we continue to enhance your user experience, help increase efficiency and enable your board to work even more effectively to meet its goals and mission.

Meeting preparation and board collaboration have become even more accessible in BoardEffect with two new feature arrivals:

  1. Full integration with Microsoft Office 365
  2. BoardEffect is now available in eight additional languages

The BoardEffect team is constantly working to innovate and listen to customer feedback. We continue to make product improvements in the areas we know matter to volunteer boards: efficiency, security and accessibility.

Read on for more details on our latest BoardEffect features in 2023 to help administrators and board members be even more efficient and effective:

1. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 with BoardEffect features 2023

Are you looking for a game-changer in team efficiency and collaboration? BoardEffect’s brand-new integration with Microsoft 365 is the answer.

Embrace efficiency as your team creates new Word and PowerPoint documents directly within BoardEffect, allowing you to bring your projects and initiatives to life swiftly and effortlessly.

Never worry about multiple versions or insecure document sharing via email as you collaborate within the platform and control user access permissions.

Stay on top of last-minute changes and collaborate with your team in real time. You can collaborate on edits, add comments, and track changes using Microsoft’s familiar online interface.

The Microsoft Office 365 integration is included in all BoardEffect packages at no additional cost. All you need is an active Microsoft 365 license.

The benefits for your mission-driven organisation

It’s easy to set up — just a few clicks — and you’ll be able to effortlessly upload and review documents via OneDrive and Sharepoint, empowering your team to concentrate on the task without wasting time searching for files or attachments. Keep all your sensitive board information and documents in one place — a single source of truth — for secure and easy collaboration.

Enhance productivity by drafting new documents without switching applications, then collaborating on files within BoardEffect, ensuring everyone can access the latest version.

BoardEffect’s industry-leading security features and ability to set granular access permissions means that your sensitive board documents edited within the platform stay safe and secure.

You can now:

  • Effortlessly import documents from OneDrive or Sharepoint into BoardEffect, making the review process a breeze
  • Create new Word and PowerPoint documents directly within BoardEffect, streamlining your workflow
  • Enjoy complete flexibility to edit, format, collaborate, and track changes in Word and PowerPoint documents without leaving BoardEffect, saving you time and effort

2. New languages added to BoardEffect features 2023

Bonjour, Hallo, 你好, Hola, こんにちは, Olá, Ciao! – BoardEffect now speaks your language!

BoardEffect is all about putting you, the user, at the heart of our platform. Our mission is to empower you, enhance your ease of use, and enable better decision-making every step of the way. That’s why we’ve introduced eight new user languages to the platform. You can now choose from the following languages:

• Italian
• Dutch
• French
• German
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Chinese Simplified
• Japanese
• Spanish (Latin America).

The benefits for your mission-driven organisation

Tailor your user experience by selecting the platform language that best suits your users’ needs, helping you to foster seamless communication and streamline decision-making.

Team members can access and work comfortably with their BoardEffect interface in their preferred language, leading to better understanding, improved productivity, and a more inclusive work environment.

For existing customers, please get in touch with our customer support team today at if you need any further information or help with either feature. They can also assist with enabling preferred languages in your BoardEffect software.

If you want to find out how over 5,000 mission-driven organisations use BoardEffect to make their board efficient and effective while driving positive change, contact us today for a demo. Our secure board management software streamlines operations, enhances governance practices, and enables confident decision-making. With BoardEffect, mission-driven organisations can unlock potential, accelerate mission delivery, and make a lasting impact in their communities.

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