Elevating Audit With Strategic Technology: Navigating Audit’s Transformation From Reactive to Proactive

As the third line of defense, offer unique insights on intangibles like ESG, DEI, human capital, and cyber resiliency. Utilizing advanced audit management software, they efficiently gather and analyze data on environmental practices, social initiatives, workforce dynamics, and cybersecurity. This integration enhances their ability to deliver comprehensive assessments, fostering a holistic understanding of organizational performance and risk management.

But business leaders don’t just want more data on these topics; they want clarity. They expect audit teams to go beyond simply reporting their findings to clearly explain what those findings mean for company strategy.

“It’s all about what the numbers say,” says Cindy Moehring, Former COO of Walmart, Current Founder & Exec Chair, Pyxus Inc. “The story behind the numbers isn’t a one-time event; it’s a book with multiple chapters, and it’s your job to update the board on the chapters and the story.”

In this executive brief, we explore how audit teams can successfully step into this more strategic role by changing the way they work with audit management software.

You’ll uncover:

  • How rapid market changes are expanding audit responsibilities
  • How technology can help auditors move from a reactive to proactive approach
  • Steps your team can take now to modernize audit technology

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