Sprinting Ahead With Agile Auditing

Audit teams are now continuously striving to do everything quicker and more efficiently, usually without enough resources. In fact, 27% of CAEs cite lack of budget as the key challenge preventing their teams from making more of an impact in their organisations.

As new regulations emerge, cybersecurity and privacy threats introduce new risks, and organisations race to innovate and disrupt, internal auditors need to be flexible and fast. They must become agile auditors.First of all, it’s important to emphasise that agile internal audit isn’t about tossing out your existing approaches, nor will it work in every situation. We want to look at an agile approach to audit not as an automatic replacement for what you’re currently doing, but as a tool that helps you add even more value.

This eBook explores the benefits, challenges, and best ways to implement agile audit in your organisation.