Manage Vendor & Partner Risk

Quickly and efficiently assess, monitor, and mitigate the risk posed by a growing number of third parties. From third-party onboarding, assessment and remediation, to performance monitoring and ongoing review, manage the entire process and ensure you remain compliant at all times.

Manage Third-Party Risk in a Unified Platform

Maintain a centralized data library of all your vendors for holistic risk management

Onboard new vendors with consistent, compliant and secure automated processes

Quickly import or integrate with security, financial, and firmographic intelligence providers to reduce manual administration

Streamline Vendor Onboarding & Classification

  • Send assessment surveys to new and existing vendors, delivering a full vendor profile for review
  • Select viable third-party vendors and prioritize risk remediation
  • Manage contracts with a flexible workflow and sign off process
  • Centralize the collation and storage of all completed surveys and risk assessments for your audit trail

Centralize Third-Party Vendor Management


  • Track essential third-party data in a central location, including audit findings from site visits, real-time financial data feeds and service level agreements
  • Automate collaboration across all departments, connecting data from existing tools to develop enhanced insights
  • Use built-in risk scores and integrate independent security ratings to categorize vendors and monitor risk

    Make Informed, Data Driven Decisions


    • Compare risks presented by all vendors in an easy-to-use matrix
    • Prioritize remediation of areas of concern and reduce the potential of a costly security breach or noncompliance penalties
    • Use customizable reporting to provide leadership teams with the insights they need to make critical business decisions

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